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Online administration, Student Card, Delivery of the Temporary Student Certificate

Before you start submitting a case, be sure to read the administration guide here!

IMPORTANT! If you have a temporary student certificate issued on or after 4 November 2020 you do not have to apply for a new one, you can freely use it for 60 days after the end of the declared emergency period, regardless of the date of expiry on the certificate.


If you want to receive the temporary student certificate by post or electronically, you can submit your request in this case type. If you do not need the original paper-based certificate, please write a comment to your case that you are requesting the certificate electronically! You can write a comment after setting the mailing address and saving it. In this case, the scanned version of the certificate is uploaded to the case, from where it can be downloaded and printed.


Please note that requesting a Certificate requires you to start a student card request and to pay all the charges connected to it.

You cannot start the request if you do not have a registered Education ID. You can check whether or not you have it on the user interface of the Neptun (My data/Personal information).
The temporary student certificate contains the address that had been given when the student card request was submitted.

There is not any issuance fee, however, the delivery requires paying a service fee (1000 HUF). Please note that the Office cannot post to a foreign address, hence we kindly ask you to register a Hungarian mailing address, or write in the comment section where you would like the Temporary Student Certificate to be sent to.

The online administration is accessible only to logged in users.

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